This is a sampling of finished prototypes of Halloween Masks, Props, Decor I have created for Don Post Studios and other Halloween clients.

In 2001, I was between effects jobs when I had the opportunity of doing some work for the legendary Halloween Mask company, Don Post Studios. At this time, Don Jr. and his son Matt only needed some design illustrations completed for their sculptors back in the shop. It was a short, two week gig. They liked what I did though, and had me back again soon after to do more work for them. They knew that I could sculpt and within a short amount of time, I was creating the sculptures of the masks and props I was designing.  These side jobs with Don were a different kind of work than what I was used to with the Makeup Effects shops. It was fun, fast, and required a whole different mindset from effects work. In 2006, I was looking for a change in career direction. Hearing this, Don offered me full time work. His son Matt had left the company by then to start his own Halloween design firm and was interested in having me do some work as well. Between the two companies, there was a lot to do. I gladly made the leap from Makeup Effects. Sadly, Don Post Studios closed its doors in 2012. A changing market caused the parent company, Papermagic Group, to sell off its Halloween division. While we were all sad to see things come to an end, I was grateful to have been a small part of this wonderful company.

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