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Stan Against Evil and Dana Gould

Premiering November 2nd on IFC is a brand new comedy from Writer/Comedian Dana Gould called “Stan Against Evil”. It tells the tale of recently retired Sheriff Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) and newly appointed Sheriff Evie Barrett (Janet Varney) as they battle the 172 Demons that have descended upon their little town of Willard’s Mill, New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of seeing the first two episodes at a recent screening and the whole thing is quite funny! There are a number of references that could only have come from the mind of Dana Gould. It is fair to say that it occupies some of the same territory as “Ash VS. Evil Dead” but that’s okay. There is plenty of room there for everyone, AND it’s free!

My connection to the whole thing came about recently. I have been fortunate to work with Dana on a number of posters for his recent Stand-up gigs around the country. We share a lot of the same geek sensibilities which makes the assignments a true pleasure to work on. Having been aware of the painting I did of the cast of “Justified”, Dana inquired about the possibility of my doing a painting as a wrap gift for his cast. How could I say no? With “Justified”, I had seven seasons of material with which I was very familiar. “Stan” hadn’t even premiered yet. All I had was a reference shot of lead John McGinley. So, Dana gave me access to rough cuts of the first two episodes. It’s good to be the Executive Producer! After reviewing those, I had a good idea of the tone. I then set to work sketching a few ideas. Dana’s main requirement was for the setting to be the Witch’s Graveyard from the show. In addition to the videos, he also gave me some nice photo reference of the cast and the location. Armed with all of that, a design was agreed upon and I set to work on the painting. This was what emerged a short time later.

Stan Against Evil painting by Mark Tavares

“Stan Against Evil” 24 x 18. Acrylic on Masonite. © Mark Tavares

Dana and I both referenced Al Jaffee’s “Fold-In” illustrations in the back of every MAD Magazine as a style reference for this painting. I hope I managed to capture some of that essence here!

I highly recommend checking out the show. Head over to IFC for details by clicking this LINK!

Thanks for looking!

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October Shadows 2014

Another October is upon us and that means it’s time to get my Halloween on! A big part of that is being able to participate once more in Taylor White’s fabulous “October Shadows 2014” Group Art Show at the Creature Features Gallery in Burbank. As in the past, the show celebrates the traditional iconography of Halloween. Artists had to incorporate Witches, Pumpkins, Bats, Cats, etc. into their works in order to be accepted into the show.

I wanted to tackle a Witch portrait, and there is no more iconic a witch than the infamous Elphaba Thropp, a.k.a. The Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”. The character, immortalized on film by the equally iconic Margaret Hamilton, has been painted time and again. In trying for a fresh take, I was inspired by the self portraits of renowned artist, Frida Kahlo. One painting in particular shows the artist posed against a backdrop of tropical flora and surrounded by monkeys. The connection to the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys was inescapable. I had my take.

I present to you, “Portrait of Wickedness”!

"Portrait of Wickedness"  24 x 30. Oil and Acrylic on Masonite. © Mark Tavares

“Portrait of Wickedness” 24 x 30. Oil and Acrylic on Masonite. © Mark Tavares

The show runs through Halloween. You can find information at In case you are interested, this painting is for sale. Contact me for details. Prints are available HERE!

Thanks for looking! Happy Almost-Halloween!!


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Happy October!

As an offering to the Halloween Gods, I offer up this new portrait of Vincent Price as Dr. Anton Phibes from “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” (AIP – 1971).

Vincent Price as "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" 16 x 20. Acrylic on Masonite.

Vincent Price as “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” 16 x 20. Acrylic on Masonite.

Halloween’s a-coming!


Thanks for looking!


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Happy Halloween 2012!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here, a belated “Happy Halloween”, and share a picture or two of the outfit my lovely wife, Erin Haggerty, wore to work for the day!

Erin as an "Eye of the Beholder" Nurse

My lovely wife!!

This year, instead of a zombie or some other generic subject, Erin decided to go as a specific character. For those of you under 25 who might not recognize it, she is portraying a nurse from the classic “Twilight Zone” episode, “Eye of the Beholder”.  Here is a clip from the episode featuring the make-ups.


Erin had been wanting to do this for the past two years. We talked about it on and off, but never really decided to pull the trigger on it. That was until we were passing by a second hand shop in September and found the perfect Nurse’s outfit. Now the pressure was on. To make matters worse, Erin’s boss had high expectations as well. Time to get to work!

Working for Don Post Studios for the past several years, there has been no call for me to create appliance make-ups. Erin’s make-ups for the previous Halloween seasons were accomplished using generic store bought appliances and materials. I decided it was time to suck it up and get back to my Make-up Effects roots.

I bought Ultracal-30.

I bought a kit of Foam Latex.

I bought clay!

I bought a FOAM OVEN!

Long story short, it was great to get back “into harness”. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the art of doing make-ups like this. It was also interesting re-learning some of the technical steps of the process. In the end, there were some rough spots. Still, for not having done a real make-up in some years, I am actually quite happy with the result.

It also worked out well for Erin too. During her many years at NBC/Universal Studios, Erin was one of the very few people who did anything for Halloween. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. This year, however, she went to work for the “G4” Television Network. They share a building with both the “Style” and “E-Entertainment” networks. These three companies take Halloween VERY seriously. Lots of folks dress up. There is a pumpkin carving exhibition and, of course, a costume contest. With big prizes at stake and the whole building watching, I am proud to say I helped Erin tie for third place. I was given to understand competition was fierce. Both “E” and “Style” who usually sweep the awards, had some heavy hitters. Erin held her own though. I am very satisfied. Next year, we go for FIRST!

Must start planning now…

So, how was YOUR Halloween?

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