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Agents of SHIELD

Just adding something new to the online portfolio today. I decided my book needed more concrete examples of my ability to deliver on the kind of assignments I am starting to pursue, such as magazine covers. To start the trend, I wanted to do something that would show that I can not only handle likenesses, but create “on model” reproductions of recognizable corporate mascots. Add those together and you only get one thing; a MAD Magazine cover. As I also wanted to be of the moment, my parody subject for the faux cover was the hit ABC show, “Agents of SHIELD”.

"Agents of S.H.E.E.S.H." 15 x 20 inches. Oil and Acrylic on Gessoed Illustration Board.

“Agents of S.H.E.E.S.H.” 15 x 20 inches. Oil and Acrylic on Gessoed Illustration Board.

This project also gave me the chance to work with a new technique. I had read about Illustrators favoring an underpainting of Acrylic over which they would apply Oils. This is what I would end up using here, but it didn’t start that way. After sketching all the likenesses separately, I scanned them into the computer where I played with the composition. Once I had a composition I was happy with, I transferred it to my art board. I then did a full value pencil rendering. Once the rendering was completed, I sealed it and started in on the Acrylics. I found that in this case, the Acrylics weren’t giving me the performance I wanted. So, I transitioned to the Oil. As you can see the Oils did the trick. It was a lot of fun and something that I will be doing again soon! Hope you enjoy!

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Hillary Clinton 2016

No, I am not getting political here. I just realized that if I wanted to get magazine cover assignments, album art jobs, and the like, then the portfolio had better reflect the ability to do the work! So, I present “Hillary Clinton 2016”!

"Hillary 2016"

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I am making an effort to create the kinds of art one might find in anything from “The New Yorker” to “MAD Magazine”. Part of that means being topical. Since everyone and their Uncle is betting that Hillary Clinton will make a run for the Oval Office in 2016, I figured I should get a head start on pegging her likeness. I hope you enjoy!


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