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Fine Art America


Just a quick update here to let you know that I have jumped with both feet into the world of Print-on-Demand!

That’s right! I am now selling prints, posters and other printed goods through Fine Art America! Of the many P.O.D. sites available, I determined that the type and quality of products offered by FAA was exactly what I wanted. Not only are the prints terrific, but they offer a matting and framing service as well. One stop shopping! ..AND, I have heard nothing but good things about their customer service!

To make things even easier, there are multiple ways of purchasing prints. If you follow me on Facebook, there is a handy app tight there on the page which will bring you right to my catalog. Likewise, I have installed a widget here on my site. Just click the BUY PRINTS link at the top of any page here, and you will pop right over to the catalog. Of course, you can also check me out on the FAA website.

You can also see my art, as well as the work of other great artists by checking out these FAA group pages!

celebrity paintings

portrait paintings

caricature paintings

Thanks so much for looking!


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