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New Stuff!

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to put out there that I have recently scanned and added some new material from the Mark Tavares vaults. Some of it is on display on my official Facebook page. Of course, since you are reading this, you should just head over to the portfolio pages and check them out for yourself!

New material is available for viewing in the following areas:





Please check them out and tell me what you think!



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Things that inspire!

Hello again!

I hope your Tuesday is treating you well.

Like everyone else, there are many times when my creative well runs a little dry. Thankfully, the world is full of inspiration to help “top off the tank”. So, in addition to to using this site to show off what I can do, I also want to occasionally lend some blog space to those things that really fire me up and make me want to paint, or draw, or just be creative!

These are the “Things that Inspire”!

For my first entry, I present the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

This is the first retrospective of the filmmaker in the United States. If you live in the L.A. area or are planning a visit in the next few months, I highly recommend taking this in.

Now, I am not a Kubrick fanatic by any stretch of the imagination. My favorite film of his is “Dr. Strangelove”. Beyond that, I love certain aspects of his other films but that’s it. That being said, I can certainly appreciate his importance in the world of cinema. So, I was interested in the exhibition. I just had no idea what to expect.

To put it simply, it is the director’s entire career under one roof. There is a treasure trove of personal memorabilia such as letters and notes from over the years. One huge display case is devoted to his collection of cameras and lenses used throughout his career. They go into great detail about things I, of course, never knew anything about, such as his early job as a photographer for “Look” magazine. It is said that he honed his filmmaker’s eye through the taking of the thousands of photographs(900 actually printed in the magazine) while on assignment. They discuss “Fear and Desire”, a film he loathed so much, that he pulled it from distribution and tried to erase it’s existence.

Naturally, the displays of props, costumes, special effects materials, set designs, and so much more are what really grabs your attention. As a Make-up Effects artist, I really appreciated seeing the “Moonwatcher” costume and mask from “2001: A Space Odyssey” as well as the “Starchild” puppet and it’s exposed eye mechanisms. Being a longtime fan “James Bond” art director Ken Adam, I appreciated seeing his drawings and architectural model for the War Room set from “Dr. Strangelove”. Although, I have to say my absolute favorite thing was also the smallest. It was the combination “Bible and Russkie Phrase book” right next to the survival kit prop from “Strangelove”.

My biggest take-away from the event was the staggering amount of preparation Kubrick went through for each picture, even the ones he never made. There was a bookcase on display from Kubrick’s home that was filled with every book he could find on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Right next to it was a card catalog Kubrick and his hired staff created to organize the massive amounts of research he was doing to prep for an ultimately unrealized biopic of the French dictator. Next time, I think I have over thought a painting, I will have to remember that bookcase.

The exhibit runs from November 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Do yourself a favor and go. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite!


DiscoveryStarChildSurvival KitWar Room
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Happy (Post) Election Day!

I Verted! Did you!


All of the bragging being done on Facebook by those who had cast their ballot earlier in the day provided the inspiration for this little ditty. Can you tell I just love the whole “Ermahgerd” meme?

(Yes, it’s a day late. What can I say? I like to noodle.)

I hope you were all able to successfully take part in the Political Process yesterday.


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Happy Halloween 2012!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here, a belated “Happy Halloween”, and share a picture or two of the outfit my lovely wife, Erin Haggerty, wore to work for the day!

Erin as an "Eye of the Beholder" Nurse

My lovely wife!!

This year, instead of a zombie or some other generic subject, Erin decided to go as a specific character. For those of you under 25 who might not recognize it, she is portraying a nurse from the classic “Twilight Zone” episode, “Eye of the Beholder”.  Here is a clip from the episode featuring the make-ups.


Erin had been wanting to do this for the past two years. We talked about it on and off, but never really decided to pull the trigger on it. That was until we were passing by a second hand shop in September and found the perfect Nurse’s outfit. Now the pressure was on. To make matters worse, Erin’s boss had high expectations as well. Time to get to work!

Working for Don Post Studios for the past several years, there has been no call for me to create appliance make-ups. Erin’s make-ups for the previous Halloween seasons were accomplished using generic store bought appliances and materials. I decided it was time to suck it up and get back to my Make-up Effects roots.

I bought Ultracal-30.

I bought a kit of Foam Latex.

I bought clay!

I bought a FOAM OVEN!

Long story short, it was great to get back “into harness”. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the art of doing make-ups like this. It was also interesting re-learning some of the technical steps of the process. In the end, there were some rough spots. Still, for not having done a real make-up in some years, I am actually quite happy with the result.

It also worked out well for Erin too. During her many years at NBC/Universal Studios, Erin was one of the very few people who did anything for Halloween. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. This year, however, she went to work for the “G4” Television Network. They share a building with both the “Style” and “E-Entertainment” networks. These three companies take Halloween VERY seriously. Lots of folks dress up. There is a pumpkin carving exhibition and, of course, a costume contest. With big prizes at stake and the whole building watching, I am proud to say I helped Erin tie for third place. I was given to understand competition was fierce. Both “E” and “Style” who usually sweep the awards, had some heavy hitters. Erin held her own though. I am very satisfied. Next year, we go for FIRST!

Must start planning now…

So, how was YOUR Halloween?

The New Foam OvenBake-outFoam RunningNurse ErinErin at G4
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